A Clinostat enables the constant rotation of an object, such as a plant, around an axis perpendicular to the force of gravity. Researchers and experimenters use this device to cancel the effect of gravity by equalizing the gravity vector around the horizontal axis and simulate microgravity conditions on Earth.

2D Clinostat

Two Dimensional (2D) Clinostat is aimed at providing a base for ground-bound microgravity research where researchers and academicians can perform experiments under simulated microgravity conditions. These Clinostats offer customized parametric testing which can accommodate wide range of experiments.

3D Clinostat

A Three Dimensional (3D) Clinostat used to simulate random motion profiles, also known as random positioning machine. With its two independent frames, it provides unpredictable and symmetric coverage of all orientations.


Multidimensional and higher payload capacity (Unit Under Test)

  • Reprogrammable and broad speed profile
  • Continuous and extended operations
  • Multiple sample attachments
  • Broad application spectrum
  • BLDC Technology Offering High Torques at Lower Speed
  • Portable