PakSAT offers commercial satellite capacity lease and managed services through its new High Power Satellite PakSAT-1R which is located at 38° East.

Technical Parameters

Launched August 2011
Orbital Position 38° East
Payloads C & Ku Band
Operational Life 15 Years
Manufacturer China
TT&C Redundant

Coverage Maps

C-Band Coverage Map

High performance transponders supporting TV broadcast and HDTV programming across the region.
Direct one hop access into premium UK and mainland Europe cable and DTH platforms through a network of strategically located mediaport partners.

Convenient turnaround via fiber from UK to North America for cost effective access to US and Canadian cable and DTH head-ends.

High-power beam for robust cellular back-haul connectivity across S. Asia, Middle East, Africa and parts of Central Asia.

Ideal for cost effective IP trunking from UK and Mainland Europe into S. Asia, Middle East, Africa and parts of Central Asia.

paksat coverage


Ku-Band Coverage Map

Unmatched high-powered Ku-band coverage over Pakistan (upto 53 dBW), rest of South Asia and parts of Central Asia, enabling use of small antennas – upto 60 cm.

Supports higher modulation schemes and high data throughputs to maximize bandwidth efficiency, link performance and cost savings.

Ideal for DTH services, Cellular back-haul, DSNG and data networks with exceptional link reliability and stability even under adverse weather conditions.

paksat coverage