Research Programs

Space Experimentation

Space offers a unique environment to perform research with the potential that can lead to new products and technologies. The foreseeable scientific, technological and commercial benefits of space research to mankind are substantial, especially in the biomedical, material science, combustion science, physical sciences and drug development sectors.



Space Station Research Experiments

SUPARCO is providing an opportunity to conduct research on space station using onboard and outboard facilities offered primarily in the domains of Space Science & Technology. Research institutes, academia and private sector have also been approached for sharing proposals to carry out experiments for technology evaluation. SUPARCO is also organizing campaigns for promoting space education through workshops, seminars, lectures, electronic web and social media.



Space Science and Astronomy

SUPARCO regularly collaborates with educational institutions for research and development in different fields of space science and technology. Establishment of astronomical observatory at Institute of Space Science and Technology (ISST), located in University of Karachi, Karachi has been the most recent activity to promote space science and astronomy.

The observatory houses a state of the art 16 inch telescope that assists research in astronomy, cosmology and planetary astrophysics. The observatory is also used in live streaming astronomical observations of celestial bodies and prominent cosmic events (such as eclipses, conjunctions etc.) on official online mediums to instigate interest and awareness amongst students and general public alike.

Space Science and Astronomy



Microgravity Experiments

Microgravity Experiments

Microgravity is an indispensable area of space science research since it not only affects humans but also everything present in low earth orbit. The diverse range of microgravity applications include devising ways to grow plants as source of food and oxygen for astronauts on long term space missions as well as for colonization on other planets such as Mars. Moreover, the exploitation of gravity-less condition is helping scientists in research and development in the fields of life sciences, medicine, biotechnology, engineering, material, fuel and combustion etc. Microgravity can be simulated on earth using various means such as clinostats, parabolic flights, drop towers or sounding rockets.

SUPARCO is carrying out research on plants growth in microgravity environment using indigenously developed clinostats and promotes collaborated research in microgravity applications with academia for ground breaking research in the field to ameliorate the socio-economic status of our country.