PakSAT-MM1R Satellite is replacement satellite for Gap-Filler at 38.2oE Orbital Slot. This high power multi-mission satellite will provide communication services in C, Ku, Ka Bands and SBAS services in L Band. It will provide broadcasting, Broadband, Mobile Back-hauling and VSAT connectivity services.

Brief Specification

Orbital Position 38.2oE
Launch (Planned) Q1 2024
Manufacturer China
Payloads C, Ku, Ka and L Bands
Life 15 Years



Coverage Maps

C-band Coverage
  • High performance and high power transponders supporting TV broadcast and HDTV programming with a wide regional coverage.
  • Direct one hop access into premium UK and mainland Europe cable and DTH platforms through a network of strategically located media port partners.
  • Convenient turnaround via fiber from UK to North America for cost effective access to US and Canadian cable and DTH head-ends.
  • High-power beam for robust cellular back-haul connectivity across S. Asia, Middle East and parts of Africa and Central Asia.
  • Ideal for cost effective IP trunking from UK and Mainland Europe into S. Asia, Middle East and parts of Africa and Central Asia.


Ku-band Coverage
  • Very high power coverage over Pakistan (up to 55 dBW) and adjoining areas, enabling various communication services including VSAT applications.
  • Supports higher order modulation schemes and data throughputs for maximum spectral efficiency, link performance and cost savings.
  • Ideal for Cellular back-haul, DSNG and data networks with guaranteed link reliability and stability even under adverse weather conditions.


Ka-band Coverage
  • Ka-Band HTS payload will enable high speed connectivity / broadband services in the country.