Short Training Courses

SUPARCO conducts various short training courses on Satellite Remote Sensing (SRS) and GIS Technologies starting from beginners to advanced level on regular basis. The courses cover SRS and GIS theory, satellite data processing and its applications, while hands-on trainings on relevant software are also imparted. The objective of short training program is capacity building of National agencies and ISNET countries in the areas of SRS & GIS while the scope of this program is to create awareness & build capacity for the use of state-of-art SRS/GIS technologies.
The training calendar for the year 2022 is as follows:


Training Courses

Tentative Date

Last Date For Local Participants

Last Date For Foreign Participants

Course Venue

Advanced Level Training Course on Satellite Remote Sensing22 – 26 Jan15th Jan 2024 01st Jan 2024Karachi
Remote Sensing of Environment and Climate Change19 - 23 Feb12th Feb 202401st Feb 2024Karachi
Applications of Forestry using Remote Sensing & GIS Techniques22 - 26 Apr15th Apr 202401st Apr 2024Karachi
Flood Hazard Assessment and Mapping using Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and 2D Hydrodynamic Model13 – 17 May06th May 202425th Apr 2024Islamabad
Geospatial Applications in Agriculture10 - 14 Jun3rd Jun 202415th May 2024Islamabad
Earth Observations with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) 22 - 26 Jul15th Jul 202401st Jul 2024Karachi
GIS Beyond the Basics : An Advanced Training19 - 23 Aug12th Aug 202401st Aug 2024Karachi
Navigating the Digital Terrain: GIS with code 23 – 27 Sep15th Sep 202401st Sep 2024Karachi
Introduction to Machine Learning in Remote
21 - 25 Oct 14th Oct 202401st Oct 2024Karachi


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