Satellite Specifications

PakTES-1A Satellite Description:

PakTES-1A is a 3-axis stabilized, high agile small satellite platform. Following are the key platform specifications of the first mission:



Class: 300 kg

Design Life: 3 years

Power: 2 deployable and 1 fixed panel, Upto 600 Watts (EOL), Lithium-ion 36Ahr Battery

3-axis stabilized control system

Redundancies and strong fault protection, fault isolation and protection mechanism

In-orbit re-programmable

Honey-comb and aluminum structure in cubical form and multiple compartments for payload and satellite equipment

Passive thermal control

Orbit 600 Km Quasi SSO


Data Transmission and Data Storage:


Frequency Band         : X-Band

Data Rate                    : 100Mbps

Onboard Storage        : 1 Tbit