United Nations – Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP)

Pakistan is member of the Inter-governmental Consultative Committee (ICC) of UNESCAP since 1947 when it became member of the UN. UNESCAP is aimed to provide guidelines and advisory support for successful implementation of Regional Space Applications Programme (RESAP) among all Asia-Pacific regional countries. SUPARCO works in close collaboration with UNESCAP for exchange of scientific and technical information, provision of data, training, consultancy, collaborative studies and joint organization of conferences, seminars, etc. It regularly attends meetings of Regional Working Groups (RWGs) on Space Science Technology and Applications (SSTA), Satellite Communications (ComSats), Remote Sensing and GIS (RS/GIS) and Meteorological Satellite (MetSat) applications etc.

In addition SUPARCO cooperates with the Information and Communications Technology and Disaster Risk Reduction (IDD) forum at UNESCAP.