Fleet Management System

This comprises of multiple transport software modules used within SUPARCO Transport division to manage our fleet of vehicles consisting of staff cars, busses, vans and coasters. Some of the key features are as follows:

  • Availability of all necessary information regarding vehicles which are helpful for fuel consumption surveillance.
  • Daily maintenance schedule information of vehicles.
  • Automatic generation of Vehicle Daily Running Account (VDRA).
  • Up-to-date patrol pump-wise / location-wise reports on expenditure incurred on fuel during the specified period.
  • Maintains current status of the ceiling authorized to the user for utilization of the vehicle.
  • Provide Graphical representation of various trends like vehicle utilization statistics and vehicle fuel consumption.
  • Information regarding periodical replacement of spare parts.
  • Fault history logs against vehicles.
  • Information regarding staff performance on repair and maintenance of the vehicles.
  • Automatically generates detailed information of vehicle usage against user/ department during a specified period.
  • Automate Pick and Drop Route Information of SUPARCO vans and buses for employee pick/drop service
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