Capacity Building

SUPARCO imparts full spectrum training and capacity building in the fields of satellite Remote Senisng (SRS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to national and international organizations. Annual short training courses, seminars, workshops and other education & awareness activities are organized on a regular basis. SUPARCO capacity building program aims to acquaint users with various applications of satellite remote sensing, image processing techniques, web-GIS etc through hands on experience on leading RS/GIS software. Annual training courses calendar includes;

  • Basic Training Course on Geographic Information System
  • Cryosphere Monitoring using Satellite Remote Sensing
  • Programming for WebGIS development
  • Satellite based Disaster Management & Mitigation
  • Basic Training Course on Satellite Remote Sensing
  • Application of Air Emission Dispersion Modeling Tools in Industrial Sector
  • Advanced Training Course on RS & GIS
  • Monitoring of Crops through Satellite Technology
  • RS & GIS Applications in Land Administration
  • RS & GIS Applications in Forestry
  • Advanced Training Course on Land Cover Classification System