SAR-Interpretation, Processing and Applications

Course Title SAR-Interpretation, Processing and Applications
Institute National Center for Remote Sensing and Geo-Informatics (NCRG), Karachi, Pakistan
Address National Centre for Remote Sensing and Geo-Informatics (NCRG)

SUPARCO Headquarters,

SUPARCO Road, P.O. Box 8402

Karachi-75270, Pakistan

Tel.: +92-21-34650765-79 ext: 2214, 2228

Fax.: +92-21-34644928, 34690783


Application Deadline 16 August 2013 for local participants
26 June 2013 for foreign participants
Starting Date 26 August 2013
Course Duration One Week
Course Level Intermediate
Pre-requisites Basic understanding of the concepts of Optical RS
Objectives Synthetic Aperture Radar SAR data has undoubtedly emerged as a potential data source to be used in different applications, particularly in the areas and regions which face a consistent problem of cloud cover. Moreover, there are quite a number of applications where only SAR data can contribute effectively e.g. ship detection, oil spill monitoring, ice and glacier studies, soil moisture studies, vegetation mass studies, geological structures, hazard mapping, monitoring floods etc. The training course is aimed at capacity building of the participants in SAR data processing, interpretation/analysis and applications. It will focus on various products available through different resolution SAR platforms and their applications.
Contents of Course
  • Radar Image Characteristics, Processing and Interpretation
  • SAR data potentials/edge in comparison with optical data
  • SAR Image enhancement techniques
  • SAR Platforms including current SAR Systems
  • Mapping Applications
  • SAR Interferometry and its applications
  • Polarimetric SAR data interpretation/ analysis, applications
Course Fee PKR 15,000 (US $ 250 for foreign participants)
Venue NCRG, Karachi
Assessment Oral or written examination
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