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Design and Fabrication of Satellite Receiving Antenna System


SUPARCO design and develops microwave antennas for various applications. These include large dishes, TX/Rx antennas for VSAT, feed for helical telemetry antennas, horns of various specifications, mixer amplifiers, oscillators, converters and low noise amplifiers. Different products are designed as per user requirements.





S-Band 3.6 Meter Antenna


U.H.F. 2.5 Meter Antenna


1.2 meter Fibre Glass Parabolic Reflector


5 Meter Antenna


One Meter Log Periodic Antenna


Helical Antenna


KU Band Corrugated Horn Feed


S - Band Helical Feed


Dipole Disk Feed with Ring


4 GHz Corrugated Horn


2.5 Meter Fibre Glass Antenna


Log Periodic Feed









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