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SUPARCO is engaged in the geomagnetic monitoring and research since 1983. A network of geomagnetic observatories (Islamabad and Karachi) is being operated round the clock to monitor the earth magnetic field variation in Pakistan. Under this program, Space Science Division is planning to organize a workshop with the collaboration

of Organization of Islamic countries on the "Geomagnetic Observatories and their Applications" in Islamabad. The main aim of the workshop is provide opportunity to develop cooperation among OIC countries regarding the geomagnetism research as well as for knowledge-sharing and capacity-building in the area of geomagnetic field. A coordinated effort at the level of the Muslim community will provide an impulse for setting-up, improving and creating magnetic observatories within many of the 57 OIC countries.


The Earth's magnetic field (or geomagnetic field) is an ever-changing phenomenon that influences human activity and the natural world in a myriad of ways. The geomagnetic field changes from place to place, and on time scales ranging from seconds to decades to eons. The geomagnetic field protects the Earth's atmosphere against charged particles from the solar wind. To the modern world, geomagnetic field can be a tool (navigation and directional drilling), and hazard (satellite operations and geomagnetically induced currents). Rapid and long-term changes in

the field are monitored by low-orbiting satellites and a global network of about 200 magnetic observatories. The Main Magnetic Field originates from a dynamo process in the fluid outer core of the Earth. It strongly dominates over the various other contributions to the geomagnetic field, accounting for over 95% of the field strength observed at the Earth's surface


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