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Establishment of Geoinformatics Center for Ministry of Environment


Digital Environmental Mapping for Sindh EPA


Snow Runoff Modeling for Water quality assessment


Hazards Monitoring and Mapping


Marine Habitat Mapping


Dam siting


Digital Environmental Mapping


Indoor Air Quality Monitoring


Ambient air monitoring for criteria pollutants


Air, Water and Soil analysis for trace elements


Analysis of hazardous organic compounds in air and water samples


Maintenance of environmental equipment for ambient air and flue gases emissions


Stack emission monitoring


Waste water analysis


Drinking water analysis


Noise monitoring


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)


Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)


Environmental Audit of industrial units


Air dispersion/deposition modeling


MUF/ FOT Predictions


Geomagnetic Storm


Issue warning to HF communication users


Local geomagnetic activity (K) index


Geomagnetic parameters baselines


Ionospheric data bulletins


Geomagnetic data bulletins


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