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SUPARCO's Services in Promoting Alternative Energy


Energy is reckoned as the starting step towards the implementation of any plan for prosperity and industrial development. Demand for electricity, particularly inexpensive and cost effective, will continue to grow in the future. There is a need to develop many of the alternatives and cheaper resources of energy. Sun and Wind are the most important renewable, sustainable and emission-free sources of energy, which are widely available in Pakistan. Not only are these pollution-free but can be cost effectively available for generating electricity. At present, there is no share of alternative renewable energy in the total energy consumption of Pakistan.


SUPARCO, as a part of its Atmospheric Research Studies, has been carrying out research to determine potential sites for solar and wind based power generation in the country. Efforts are being made for foreign participation for technical and financial assistance in establishing Wind Parks.



SUPARCO's GPS-based Wind Measuring Radiosonde Equipment

SUPARCO has accumulated vast and several (20) years' experience in using satellite measured atmospheric, meteorological, wind and solar energy related data and features. For the same purpose, surface and upper wind measurements are also regularly made using sophisticated and latest technological equipment.


SUPARCO's Services Include


Identifying potential sites for producing electricity from Wind and Solar Energy by using high resolution satellite pictures and wind data



Development of GIS databases for determining potential wind sites based on user defined parameters and relevant attribute data



Detailed on-site measurements and analysis to find actual wind power potential


Existing Facilities


State of the Art Wind Measuring Systems at SUPARCO



Tethered Met. Tower:  Wind, temperature, pressure, humidity, etc., can be measured simultaneously at pre-selected multiple heights (up to five levels) from the surface up to 300-meters




GPS-Radiosondes:  Through GPS-satellites, wind, other met parameters can be measured up to 30-km altitude



Wind speed and direction measurement with the TMT System



Mobile Environmental Laboratory:  It can continuously measure wind at 10-meter height and other met parameters as well as pollutants. It can be taken to places where roads are available




Coastal Wind Tower: 60-meter high Wind Tower on the Arabian Sea coast is ideal for many wind power studies



Satellite Measured Data Banks at SUPARCO


Wind Data, with which high wind areas of Pakistan can be determined



High Resolution Satellite Imageries, with which, accessible, topographically suitable high-wind areas in Pakistan can be found


Wind Data Available at SUPARCO



10-meter height  Satellite measured Wind Data (1°x 1° grid) of Pakistan



50-meter height derived Wind-Data of Pakistan (1°x 1° grid)



100-meter height: Wind-Data can be estimated of most places at up to 150-meters height



Geostrophic Wind over Pakistan based on satellite and reanalysis data (above 750-meters height)



Station Surface Wind data covering all of Pakistan










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