About the Workshop

The "International Workshop on Geomagnetism and Ionosphere" will be held during 10-17 Nov 2018 at the Sonmiani, Pakistan. It will be jointly hosted by Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research commission (SUPARCO), Royal Institute of Meteorology (IRM), Belgium, and Inter Islamic Network on Space Sciences and Technology (ISNET). The main aim of the workshop is to provide an opportunity to develop cooperation amongst Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries regarding geomagnetism and ionosphere as well as knowledge-sharing and capacity-building for research and application of these fields. A coordinated effort will provide an impulse for setting up and improving geomagnetic and ionospheric facilities within many of the OIC countries along with training managers of observatory programs.

Aims of the Workshop

  • Establish contacts and networking with OIC counties in the field of geomagnetism and ionosphere
  • Promote the observation of geomagnetic and ionospheric parameters in OIC countries
  • Provide training for observatory technicians in OIC countries

The participants will also be given an opportunity to present their work in their respective areas. The workshop will focus on 2 disciplines namely Geomagnetism and Ionosphere; along with lectures and discussions on observatory infrastructure, instruments and techniques, data acquisition, processing, application of observatory data and techniques.

OIC Workshop